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Tuesday, 21st September 2021 3:11 am

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Player Jake Catton of club Crowborough has no Portal Record
Club Ranking
Initial Player
Start of Season
Season Gain/Loss
1 Louie Martin Squash Levels for Louie  Martin Chichester R and FC 0 4 3 1221982 Player Added 19-Sep-201119821882-100
2 Florrie Edwards Squash Levels for Florrie  Edwards Dunnings S and RC 0 8 5 3621891 Player Added 22-Sep-201118911856-35
3 Marcus Blake Squash Levels for Marcus  Blake Chichester R and FC 0 3 2 1301049 Player Added 19-Sep-201110491254205
4 Sam Winterhalder Squash Levels for Sam  Winterhalder Chichester R and FC 0 8 5 353883 Player Added 19-Sep-20118831078195
5 Dominik Moorhead Squash Levels for Dominik  Moorhead Lewes 0 1 1 010934 Player Added 21-Sep-20109341034100
6 Jamie Young Squash Levels for Jamie  Young The West Worthing Club 0 13 5 8103522 Player Added 11-Nov-20105221027505
7 Ben Tunley Squash Levels for Ben  Tunley University Squash 0 2 2 002585 Player Added 21-Oct-20085855850
8 Mickey Goldthorpe Squash Levels for Mickey  Goldthorpe Crawley Squash Club 0 3 1 203428 Player Added 25-Sep-2011428413-15

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